Sunday, June 26, 2011

Derelict in my blogging..

Well, the railroad is operating and the first session has already been run; a update on that in a separate post coming shortly.

I managed to lose my camera, so I don't have any pictures from the last update until yesterday's session, so I will just run down the work that has been done to get the railroad to this state.

Additional feeders were connected, gaps were cut and blocks wired in preparation for the first session. Once the BDL168 breakout board I designed arrived, block detection will be available for the dispatcher. A couple of dead spots were found and rectified as well as test trains were run back in forth.

The final 3 yard tracks were completed, thanks to help from Keith Stillman, who was nice enough to come for a weeknight work session. The drill track was completed and turnout controls were installed so that positive point control was ready in the yard. The double slip tortoises were wired up and a quick control panel was put together.

Creature Comforts
The basement bathroom was finished with only a couple of equipment delays and 1 leak, that was fixed after a new shutoff valve was installed.

From the last update, approximately 40 hours of work was put into the railroad and basement to get ready for the first session. Big thanks to my folks for help out here.

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