Thursday, October 31, 2013

Main Line has been Severed..

As part of getting the railroad ready for full sessions, I determined that I would need an additional passing siding since the Helix from the main to upper levels is single track.

The only place to put a passing siding was on the north side of Acca yard, but the existing crossovers around that area were the wrong type; as trains could not move from the main to siding, on either end.

I pulled the right hand crossover that was right at the yard entrance and moved it to the end of the helix. I will build a left hand crossover to replace it at the yard and it will give me that one last passing track.

I have snapped some pictures, but they are on the tablet, so they will be uploaded later on.

A few more work sessions will be scheduled in the next 2 months, with the goal of running the entire railroad in January.

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