Friday, May 16, 2014

Operating Session #10 Recap

On this last Saturday, May 10th, I had what I think was operating session number 10.

This was the first session with the upper staging yard active.

A few problems with the CTC panel were found and most of them have been fixed. During this, I discovered that I needed to rework significant portions of the panel, so this week I have spent many hours renaming levers, indicators, logix and the rest.

Attendees as follows:
Doug B - Dispatcher
Scott - Asst Dispatcher and Staging Manager
Dick - Yard Master
Wayland M - Asst Yard Master and photog
Keith P - Road Crew
Dan M - Road Crew
Keith S - Road Crew
Don W - Road Crew

The railroad ran fairly well, even after about a year long layoff.

A few pictures snapped by the company photographer follows:

Your intrepid Yard Master has the work in hand.

YM at work.

Don is bringing one of the mixed merchandise into Acca yard at the start of the session.

Doug dispatching and wondering why he puts up with this.

A real engineer wondering why the signals are weird. He said something about registering a complaint with the UTU?

The end of session debrief.

So enthralling...

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