Friday, February 13, 2015

Task List

As I said in the post last month, not much has been going on, on the railroad.

I've been suffering from a bit of low motivation with the railroad, as well as being pulled in lots of directions with the rest of life.

I had been putting off starting the build of the paper mill area until I painted the backdrops in that area, but that hadn't happened due to lack of paint which was due to lack of railroad funds and cold in the basement.

Last Sunday was very warm (almost 70), so I when to Home Depot, bought paint, and got ready to paint sometime in the next few weeks. If need be, I can run the heater in the basement for a day or three to get the paint dry.

Once the paint is complete here, I'll start laying out track and finding what works in this area. Next step is building track. My plan is to build just about all the paper mill track work from code 70 rail, with a mix of Micro-Engineering flex, handlaid and Fast Tracks jig built turnouts.

Signal wise, I think I only have the area around the turnout to this paper mill branch to be completed, so we are coming to the end of that process.

I do need to mud, tape and sand the drywall backdrop on the upper level along the wall, but that will probably need to wait for summer and warmer temps in the basement, as running the heater to the level of getting mud to dry would probably double the electric bill.

I might be try a work session or two on a Sunday or Saturday, but schedules haven't been too kind here lately.

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