Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Environs or Making your space railroad friendly

One of the challenges is adapting your space to housing a model railroad.

You end up needing the physical space to present certain features to make it possible to build the layout in the first place and then maintain it as a place you like to spend time in.

Lighting a railroad can be a challenge, especially when you go into the realm of having multiple decks. As my space is large and only has a few windows, artificial lighting and lots of it, is required.

The last two locations in the room that I hadn't swapped over to track lighting got done over the Christmas holiday break. It's a testimatt to the amount of stuff I have going on that I am blogging about it now.

First is the area under the sunroom. This offshoot is where a chunk of Doswell and Acca Wye will be, and is also the home of my tool bench at this point.

Single track, but lots of light from LED bulbs
I went from a single, 60W incandescent inside a 6" pot, to a string of LEDs on a single track. 6 heads with the equivalent of over 300W, but it takes the power of just over 30W. Ain't technology grand?

Everything else is off, light wise. You can see how good this is with just these lights going.
The area in the corner where Doswell starts was a bit more complex, so 3 different tracks were used.

Lots more potential here to illuminate this area properly
Much brighter in this corner now!
In case you are curious what a couple of tracks looks like when you police up your workspace...

That is an 18x24 box, btw

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