Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Scenery? On my railroad? It's happening!

I wanted a bridge scene to give the railroad a more realistic feel than last time - the area of Virginia that the RF&P runs through is full of creeks, rivers and small elevation changes so I wanted to capture this.

I picked the bridge over the Chickahominy River as the target of my modeling since it is a plate girder bridge and good model kits exist for that style of bridge.

I bought a Micro Engineering concrete deck bridge kit and used it for a test. It looked good, so I attempted to source more of them and ended up having to turn to eBay. Also got the bridge abutments the same way.

As a FYI, the abutments are Walthers Cornerstone series and their heights do NOT match. I had to spent a fair amount of time cutting and sanding.

Hours later:

Actual model structures!
After some initial paint to prepare for the river scene.

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