Tuesday, September 1, 2009


This blog is going to detail the construction, operation and musings related to my model railroad, the Richmond Terminal Railroad.

I am building a HO Scale layout in my basement inspired by railroading in and around Richmond, VA. I'm not following any prototypes; this will be more in the vein of proto-freelancing.

My basement is 33' by 24' gross, but some of the floor area is taken up by stairs, storage, etc, so the layout is about 33' on one side by about 20', at the absolute maximums. I'm planning on multiple decks; 1 for staging and 2 for actual train running.

My goal is to have operations started as soon as I reach the helix build, which is situated roughly halfway between the termination points of the railroad. The layout is a loop to loop type of design, but will operate like a point to point. The loops are placed so trains don't have to be handled at the end of a operation session.

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