Sunday, June 30, 2013

Another Fast Tracks Project - Scissors Crossover

So, I needed another crossover before my upper level staging yard as I just know that trains will get put onto the wrong track by the dispatcher or crew and then the schedule would get totally fouled up as trains would have to run back to the nearest crossover so that it would be easy to get trains to either main track as they head onto or off the line.

My original plan was to build a more prototypical take on the Acca interlocking and pull the existing set of crossovers off the line to be reused before staging.

I got out my tape measure and did some figuring and came to the realization that doing that would just about monopolize the space I had, plus impact the ability for trains to have some room between Doswell and the next interlocking.

I decided to slide the cross overs closer to Doswell and make the entire thing a bigger plant versus two separate plants.

As I spun up to make another set of crossovers, I remembered that I had two quicksticks for scissors type crossovers that were included in the kit I purchased. So, throwing caution to the winds, I started the scissors.

I refreshed my memory on the directions from fast tracks and started working. Took me about 4 hours or so of time to finish the build and I have another 30 minutes of staining and gluing the ties on, but it is mostly done.

I kept the camera handy as I worked so I could document the process. Worked pretty good and I've put cork down today so this can hopefully get installed before I leave to head to the National NMRA Convention in 2 weeks.

First half just about done in the jig.

Close up of the switch frogs and crossing frogs.

Little higher view

The seam is here; the protruding ends get filed down before this side leaves the jig.
The completed center section; lots of soldering and filing.

Low angle deflection shot.

X Marks the Spot!

Glad that is done!

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