Thursday, June 13, 2013

Operating Session Recap

The June session is in the books and it went fairly well with respect to the fact that we hadn't turned a wheel in a session in a couple of months.

The crew were completely retreads; I'm pretty sure this is first session without any new folks to the railroad.

The crew was split 3/3 between local folks from Richmond and the crew from Charlottesville.

Crew Board
 Dispatcher: Yours truly
Dispatcher in Training: Doug B
YM: Wayland
AYM: Don W
Hostler: Mike G
Crew 1: Jerry
Crew 2: Dick
Crew 3: Scott/Bryce

 Pictures of the session follow. For some reason, the camera got turned to medium size pictures, so sorry about the lack of resolution.

Mike G works the north side of the yard and the local industries.

Doug with some drive time on the CTC panel.

Dick is working the DoD depot with F805. Power today is a BNSF Dash 9 GE.

Crew 3 takes a break and gets a snack or three.

Jerry has the southbound auto train through the Acca interlocking.

An SCL E6 is a bit strange to be seen on the point of Amtrak's premier train in the 1990s, but needs dictate operations.

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