Wednesday, July 30, 2014

More about the car forwarding system

I've been a user of the car cards and waybills system of car forwarding since we started operations a few years ago.

I mostly created the waybills with the access based application that Dave Husman wrote that has a community on yahoo here. A couple were just done in MS Word or OpenOffice. The car cards are a mix from Dave's app and a few other applications that we used back and forth.

I finally standardized on Dave's app since it was much more easily portable from PC to PC since it is MS Access based.

One of the main issues was that I created the waybills over a period of time and the format I used per each step varied from lot to lot.

After the last session and some confusion on what should be done with cars, I went through all the waybills inside the app and standardized them in format. Once they were all set to be the same format; i.e. step 1 is always car coming onto the layout with next block defined, step 2 being delivered via local train x, and so on, I went ahead and printed them on cardstock instead of plain paper, hoping this will make them a bit easier to handle as well.

Time will tell if this solution works; I hope so. If not, I might go to single step style waybills.

I guess I can always try switchlists, but after spending time building card boxes that seems silly.

In process of cutting the new waybills out.

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