Wednesday, July 23, 2014

NMRA National Contest Models - Big Steam

I figured that I would take the opportunity to highlight a few models from the past NMRA national convention that I found intriguing. I'm hoping to turn this into a short series, so watch this space for updates.

The first model, if you could call an undertaking like this a mere model, is a 7.5" gauge, 1.6" scale model of a Milwaukee Road 2-8-2 steam locomotive.

The pictures are not able to do this massive model the justice is richly deserves. In talking with the builder, Karl Kobel, this has been a 8 year quest that is is still not finished with; and he estimates at least another 2 years of work needs to be completed.

The amount of hand finishing and what I would call polishing touches are almost beyond comprehension. At the edge of the tender walls, he welded on stainless tubing to give the tender the correct and snag free treatment that an operating model cries out for.

If I had to sum up this model in a single word, breathtaking would be my word. I am hopeful that we will be able to see this model featured is great detail in a future NMRA magazine article (I hope many articles), as the magazine's editor requested to work with the builder to feature this in the magazine.

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