Thursday, July 31, 2014

Upper Staging Yard extension and reversing loop construction, phase 1 and 1.5

After some thoughts and discussion about how the layout works or doesn't, I decided that I needed to make the upper staging yard larger. Primarily, the upper level's staging is currently smaller than the lower level and it is also stub ended, which complicates the ability to get trains in and out.

I started by measuring the area I had with an eye to trying to offset a bit from the lower level to give the crews working the there a chance to see what they are doing. After doing that and figuring out that I could space back just a smidgen so I would still be able to maintain the minimum radius for the reverse loop I sketched a plan out.

I decided to embrace the idea of a Bellina drop at the end of the reverse loop to help move folks through that walkway. It would also give me a way to hide the supports too.

Beginning the supports after tearing apart the existing side a bit apart.

More joists are in; the middle joist is actually a bit short. Oops...

Test fits, one of many

Double beam test fit; a 1x3 and a 1x4 sandwiched over 2x4 pieces

Checking for level

Final test fit before screws are put in

Staging yard blown apart; thankfully stuff was just screwed together - no glue

Test fit of the edge

You can see the middle 1x3 was replaced. Blocking installed to help support the coming plywood sub-roadbed

All screwed together

Checking for level

We are going to insert a 60" long piece here, replacing a 48" piece that was a bit bowed anyway

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