Friday, August 1, 2014

Continued work on the upper reverse loop

A couple more snaps from the process to extend the layout and create the space needed for the reverse loop.

One of the downsides to using dimensional lumber from the big box stores is that it seems to warp as it dries, even assuming you get decent pieces to start with. Over time, the main spine of the peninsula has warped this way and that, causing it to be a bit challenging to fit other pieces to it.

Overview of the corner. I think the lower track might be relocated to be closer to the aisle.

Zoomed in a bit to highlight this corner
Realizing that, we've just decided to cut what we are adding to make it match up as best we can. Next time,  I will spend more time designing the layout and the resultant benchwork to support it and build it in much larger sections.

Protecting the rail on the lower level for errant tools, arms, etc.

Moved the signals out of the way. When I started buying signals, they were less than $20 each for a 3 light single head; they've reached over $25 now.
Here's the spot where the extension is going to be laid in, with the ripped piece sitting on top to give us some spatial references.

Added a "strong arm" joist and gave us a chance to eliminate a nasty bow in the plywood.
We ended up cutting a 4x8 sheet of plywood into a 50" by 48" squarish piece and then using the leftover to make a large part of the corner, notching it around the center support.

Also giving us a chance to not have plywood and homasote edges line up.

The opposite side (inside side) will give us a chance to simulate trains running west on the BB Division, which is a great addition to operations.

The plywood and homasote that has been cut at an angle previously is where the Bear Island Paper Plant is going to go. I have a track diagram, so it should be fairly involved for the crew.

Looks like access to this should still be workable. It will need some more lights though...
Access is still good!

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