Friday, August 8, 2014

Quick Shot - NMRA Contest - BN Caboose

Even though I model the post-caboose era, I admit to a certain level of affection for the things. Maybe it is because they are the iconic representation of freight traffic - from steam to diesel, cabooses were the end of the train.

Maybe it is because of the colorful names that got attached to them: caboose, van, crummy, hack, cab, cabin and bunches of other monikers.

No matter what, I still feature a few on my layout as shoving platforms in my era, and enjoy seeing great model of them.

The following is a few shots of a nice BN caboose, that was entered into the model contest at the Cleveland convention this past July. (2014)

As you can see from the foreground of this photo, the NMRA Magazine folks have asked the modeler to contribute an article on how he or she made such an excellent model.

Note all the handrails and other wire work on this model. Note the bars across the end windows; probably there to reduce breakage.

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