Friday, August 22, 2014


One (of the many) things that I have put off until later in the process of construction was backdrops.

In retrospect, that was probably a mistake putting it off as trying to fit in backdrops after the fact has been challenging.

Anyway, I am putting up backdrops on the upper level, as that part is the easiest to manage by myself. The lower level has a couple of pieces of backdrop up, but since I figure to put scenery on the upper level, getting this part done first is probably a good idea.

I'm using masonite, both 1/8" and 3/16" widths to make it. I will be using the 1/8" stuff around corners, but the 3/16 stuff on the straight pieces. Why two sizes? Because that is what I bought, for some reason..

I started at the end of the staging yard and worked my way towards the rest of the layout.

First step was trying a couple of pieces; probably should have pulled the Digitrax radios and fast clock off first.

First couple of pieces test fit.

Tried a timer option to get this; worked out ok.
Ah, better.
 Once I got the radios off, I did a test fit and realized something prevented that. Hmm, I wonder...

Ah, there's the problem.
Time to break out the hand saw for some action.
Sawdust flies!


Much nicer!

With this in place, it looks much more finished. I'm going to try to get a coat of primer on it soon.
As before, additional shots are in the gallery here, on the main site.

Next backdrop post will be post the first coat of paint.

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