Thursday, August 7, 2014

Upper staging work, continued

I wanted to share a couple more pictures from the rework of the staging yard and soon to be reverse loop.

First three are the reworked staging yard. Previously, the yard had a very pronounced crown and dip, as the plywood roadbed had a pretty bad curve to it that we didn't see until everything was in place. Major oops on that one

The warped piece got pulled, the warp in the end piece was cut off and a new 70" long part was put in place, just about pulling the waviness out.

Center is new piece, towards the right and running into the foreground is the curved edge cut piece that was trimmed.

A bit off, but this is before the bridge piece get installed and everything get fastened down.

Heck of a lot better than it was, let me tell you!
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Here we come to the new area; new benchwork built and space for the reverse loop set.

Corner piece needs to be fit in and placed, but this scrap piece cut off the helix should work well.

Other side, but same verse as before.

The existing benchwork was done at an angle to get it away from the lower level. With the reverse loop being added, that will be going away. Looks like a trimmed piece will help us out here.

Not a great shot; the tablet camera can be challenging to use well.

Homesote down for a test fit

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