Saturday, October 5, 2019

More Helix work

Since we were putting homasote under the helix, but the helix is made of 1/8 inch MDF, that left us a bit of a curb to bring the roadbed and track over.

As trains don't like climbing up a curb, we had to come up with another option.

How about insetting the MDF?

We were going to try it with chisels and a utility knife, but then decided to consider power tools so this would get done before the sun cooled.

A buddy had loaned me his router to let me clean up a couple of other places on the railroad, so we took a test plunge with it on homasote. We learned that routing homasote makes a tremendous amount of dust, so you must run a vacuum around the same time and be prepared to continue to vacuum up stuff after the router is off. (Even better would be trying it outside, BTW, but I've killed a bunch of grass doing that..)

But it worked.

As we needed a sloped inset, a test fit and measurement was called for.

Getting ready to route.
 Next helix update will show the end result.

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