Sunday, December 20, 2009

December Update

As I write this, we have about a foot or so of snow on the ground.

Lots of progress has been made on the layout in the last two months. A work session was held in November and I was assisted (or assisted, depending on your view) by Keith Stillman (Easton and Potomac) with some track laying chores. I'm pleased to say that the track is further along and that benchwork is almost complete all the way to Acca Yard.


A view of the NS Petersburg interchange, which doubles as my DCC programming track.

A good overview of the final couple of feet of benchwork on the main level that connects to Acca yard.

Close up view of the support structure for Acca yard; note the 3 sets of holes: 1 for the DCC bus, a DC bus to power DS54s and a place to put Loconet through.

Colonial Heights/Chester industrial area; you can see the frog of the curved number 8 in the lower right hand corner.