Sunday, May 12, 2013

Upper Level Benchwork Update

Positive progress was made on the benchwork on the upper level from the Doswell area to what will be the north end staging yard for the layout. One piece remains to be fitted, but all other pieces are in and ready to be fastened down. I am at the point where I need additional sheets of homasote, so I am planning on reaching out to a fellow modeler this week and seeing if I can impose on him to use his truck (and him) to pickup 2 more sheets. That should complete all the purchases I need to finish the benchwork stage of the layout.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


As promised, here are a couple of snaps around the CB&W crossing and interchange.
As you continue beyond this piece of the railroad, you will come to the Doswell crossing, BB interchange, and lines west and east. This will also be where service to the Bear Island paper plant will run.

First shot is an overview of the roadbed. Next shot after that is what the actual track layout is going to be.
4, 25 degree crossings soldered together on the bench to give the correct spacing as the track leads into the turn.

Location of the Doswell Crossing and lead to Bear Island.