Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Upper Level roadbed and track

With the start of the school year, train time has been hard to come by lately. I'm continuing work on the upper level and I've put down a fair amount of roadbed and started on placing track. Lots of work is being done to turn out additional turnouts from the fast tracks jigs; I've started to seriously thing about a way to automate the filing step as it takes longer to file all the angles and notches than it does to solder the turnout together.

A few pictures to illustrate where the process is:

A 3/4 view of one of the industrial sidings; the cork is sanded down to a ramped profile so the actual car spots will be directly on the homasote, lower than the through tracks.

View down towards the crossings and Interchanges.

First two turnouts are down.

Trackwork... Emphasis on work.

Gluing cork

High level overview shot of the track complex on this part of the railroad.