Sunday, November 13, 2011

4th Operating Session Done

The 4th Operating Session of the Richmond Terminal Railroad is complete.

In attendance we had 4 new operators and 3 "old heads" returning; this was the first session with the yard job as a separate position and I think that part of it worked out well.

Dick M - Dispatcher in training
Keith S - YM
Jerry R - AYM (new operator)
Bob B - Yard Job (new)
Mike K - Road engineer (new)
Mike P - Road engineer
Phil T - Road engineer (new)

The railroad ran fairly well, though we were a bit behind schedule in the beginning since it was probably a bit too informal at the start. I think next session, I'll try to pre-brief everybody better and maybe start using a fast clock to give a reference point on where we are on the schedule.

Follow ups for next session:

Assigning folks to jobs - should I ask for job preference for individual jobs before the session, assign people as they sign up or something else? I'd like to hear what you think about this.

Waybills. This is where I'm not sure what I want to do; I hope my operators will give me some feedback on the current system and I can figure something out.

I will update the dispatcher and yard master's train sheets to put all the information in one place on the sheet; also, I will change around and make sure there is a listing of industries on the railroad for reference. Maybe this is something I can tape to the back of the small clipboards that crews can carry with them?

Signal cheat sheet - same idea; maybe on the back of train instructions or taped to the back of the clipboard?

I'll try to get all the instructions put up to the website here.

Turnout control in Acca: I'm going to investigate changing over some of the bullfrog turnout controls to the blue points; I've got 1 blue point down on the NS interchange track and really like it. As time is going along, the bullfrogs just don't seem to cut it.

Also need to figure out a way to give the yard crew a paperwork area to keep the waybills off the railroad.

Signals - I will work on getting more signals setup and I'll either put a mirror or repeater so everybody can see the signal leaving staging heading north toward Acca.

I have a couple of things to tweak for the dispatcher on the panel.

(And yes, a few pictures will be forthcoming)