Monday, June 23, 2014

Signal Changes Coming

In consulting with Dan Moore, who is an active CSX engineer, I need to change a couple of signals around to better reflect what the prototype practice is, and what I want crews on my railroad to do.

One of the major changes is migrating to true aspect type signaling over the entire railroad.

The upper level is mostly aspect already, so that should be minor tweaks to get me where we need to go.

The lower level isn't even close to that, so major tweaks will be done. Some additional signals will be added, mostly dwarf signals to give turnout indications, and a speed to aspect diagram will be worked out to be provided to crews. My initial plan is to put it on the back of the crew clipboards I provide.

At the south Acca interlocking; what the prototype refers to as "WAY" (and that is for "West Acca Wye" and no, I have no idea why they call it west when it heads south. My guess is that, as the wye lays, it is the westmost portion of the wye), the signals will be changed to be 3/3/3 Colorlight signals from the 3/3 signals that are on the signal bridges now. On the back of these same bridges, are single 3 light colorlight signals. My plan is to move the heads that currently face the other way on the back of the bridge to the top of the front side, giving me the 3/3/3 I need so to be able to show "slow proceed" and a few other aspects that have no 3/3 versions.

Eventually, I also need to change the crossovers over. Currently I have a cross from the siding to the main and then a crossover from the main to the siding (which becomes the main around the yard). On the prototype, they are reversed in order from what I have. It will probably be my chance to rebuild with fast tracks style turnouts.