Monday, November 10, 2014

Operating Session Recap

The 2nd session of 2014 is in the books; and with a 6 month layoff, performance was pretty decent.

This was the first session that included lunch with the deal and my lovely wife answered the call of duty to put together some great BBQ with traditional sides. Dessert was her famous chocolate chip cookies that again drew great reviews.

I felt that the session was fairly successful, but it did reveal some growing pains and I have a fairly large list of fix-it items to handle before the next session in December.

The crew was a bit over large, as your host munged up the signups and had to beg forgiveness from all. It was just a bit crowded in the layout room, but I think everybody mostly stayed out of each others' way.

Keith S - Dispatcher
Mike G - Staging Manager
Dick M - Yard Master
Erwin - Asst Yard Master
Jerry - Road Crew
Doug - Road Crew
Dan - Road Crew
Wayland - Road Crew

Pictures should hopefully be forthcoming from the company photographer as management left the camera out of the railroad room.