Sunday, September 26, 2010

Work Session

The 2nd work session has come to a close; I was ably assisted by my father, my father-in-law (most odd, that) and somewhat by my brother in law and my son.

Lots of benchwork was completed; some additional tortoise switch machines were installed and another DS54 was installed as well. some additional staging tracks were added and the turnback loop and helix supporting benchwork was finished up as well.

No pictures from the session in progress, as the camera was missing in action until the evening.

Here are some results pictures (after all, that's what really matters, right?)

A look at the almost finished Acca yard area - homasote down and painted for 3/4 of the space.

Turnback loop and helix area (covered in tools that got moved off the yard area...)

Additional staging tracks - found a couple of RH #6 Atlas Code 100 switches; so I figured I could use them.

Yet another UP5 panel installed; 1 of 2 installed this session; I think another 4 are going to be needed; I need to power them as well.

Monday, September 13, 2010

More Benchwork

This last Saturday was the JRD's (James River Division of the NMRA) fall meeting, this time in Altavista, VA. I was scheduled to go and get a ride with Mike G (He of HO Scale Virginia Southern fame; not the former NS owned branch shortline) to the meeting, but the wife woke up feeling poorly so I had to call Mike and cancel. Since I was home, I took the opportunity to finish cleaning up the part of the basement where the helix(es) and turnback loops are going to be placed.

Years of accumulated junk and other "stuff" was either relocated to new quarters or met the trash can.

I put up some more drywall (very heavy by yourself) and got the area broom clean.

My dad was nice enough to come up late Saturday so he and Grandma could play with Son #1 while the aforementioned wife and I could attend a Lamaze refresher before Son #2 arrives, hopefully late October/early November. This gave us a chance to "play train" and we were able to complete some framwork for where the helix and loop will be put.

I have some more drywall to put up; legs to attach and one more piece of benchwork to be completed before I can lay some additional staging track and call it good.

Being able to complete the turnaround loop for staging is moving me closer to the first ops sessions next year.

Dad had an excellent idea a couple of weeks ago - have a helix connect the staging yard and the main yard levels together. This would give me the ability to do some continuous running for testing and for when non railroading visitors just want to "see the trains move."

Course, this means reworking the plan so everything is in place, but I'm pretty sure I have that piece done.

My plan is to order a helix kit from the gentleman at Ashlin Designs to take care of my need in this spot, since I don't have the ability to (easily and timely) get a helix together if I was to make it from scratch.

Oh, and I'm going to have a car party sometime in November... Got to put together a bunch of kits that are on the shelf so I have enough cars to at least, begin operations come January.