Thursday, August 9, 2018

Benchwork Getting Closer

The upper level benchwork is now about 95% complete.

The only major components pending at this point are the lift bridges to be placed and that's more a case of assembling and testing versus having to make sawdust fly.

I've got to paint before roadbed and then track goes down, but that's quick work that can be done during an evening window.

Mostly finished product.

This high POV shot is taken from the doorway.
I need to remember to blank the door blinds as all that light makes this angle a challenge.

And we will finish up on the other side of the railroad; this is approaching the Hamilton Control Point.
Note the backdrop curve.

As always, more shots at the website gallery.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Roadbed Progress

As I've mentioned, I am cutting pieces of cork out of a roll of the floor under-layment product.

Once down on the layout, I run the belt sander (with a 120 grit belt) over it to give me a better working surface as well as take care of any imperfections or un-smoothness between pieces.

To show how this goes, a couple of shots as I work towards Doswell.

Higher POV shot
Note the bevels showing so that when ballast gets applied, no hard edges protrude.

Monday, August 6, 2018

Website Updates

Fixed some menus, a couple of typos and reworked a couple of sections.

Take a look at the about page; there is a link to the track plans that are used for the build process.

Quick August Update

In the last few months, the railroad has not been much of a priority, which goes double for updating the blog and website.

I'm going to do some clean up on the site this week.

I'm also going to post a couple of new content blog entries as well.