Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Helix Approach Track

Working on getting the helix approach track in place. I'm using 1/4" plywood, laminated together to give me 1/2" thickness total for stability as I work to get the track from against the wall, swung around 180 degrees and connected to the helix.

Here's a picture of a complete piece; cut from a single sheet of plywood with help from Dick M. (Thanks for the help and use of your shop!)

Actually got a bit more that 180 out of that; ended up trimming it back to make it fit. Now I am working on tweaking the supports for this benchwork (need standard 3/8" washers instead of fender washers due to clearance issues). Hopefully I can get that finished up this week and start laying roadbed/track late this next weekend.

Sent out emails for the next Op Session in April; already have 4 signups.

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