Sunday, March 18, 2012

More Helix Progress

Got track and roadbed laid a bit further today. I need to solder in some feeders so they are in place before I start to add additional sections of the curved subroadbed into the helix.

Did remember to take some pictures as I worked.

Good view of the approach track with cork down.

Where we go from the approach track to the helix proper

Crossover completed. I originally wanted a double track to double track set here, but once I figured out what I needed for space for that sort of special track work, I realized less is more.

Fix chunk of flex gluing; once again I am using code 100 in the helix for the utmost in forgiveness. It is also cheaper that Code 83 as well, which is nice when you realize you are going to use up a 25 piece box for a single track up the helix...

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