Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thoughts on Operating

I've been holding off on operating for months since I am trying to get the upper level to some semblance of function. I've been doing bunches of other things and not working on the railroad. I guess it is somewhat prototypical, as many lines had lots of fits and starts during their construction and more than a couple of lines had bankruptcies and reorganizations during this phase as well, so I guess I should not let it get to me so much.

I attended a second operating session this past weekend and it occurred to me that no matter what you do as a layout owner, nothing tests your layout (and your nerves) than having a bunch of people over to "play train".

I always enjoy sessions since they get me motivated to work on my own railroad; I'm so motivated that I might actually get something done this week and weekend. :)

Hopefully that is the case, since every other weekend is slam full of other junk, besides a single session on the area's best known and operating layout.

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