Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Upper Level trackwork, continued

I've been able to spend a bit of time working on the railroad recently, so I figured I would take the opportunity to bring everybody up to speed on where I currently sit, progress wise.

I have completed the crossover, so that will be placed over the next 2 weeks or so when I get a chance to hang out in the basement. I also need to figure out where the CB&W Interchange needs to be placed and the turnout for that, but that is fairly minor.

This first picture shows the completed main and siding lines on this level. My plan is to come back and piece in the industrial spots as I get a chance. If you notice center right, some ties have been placed for the code 70 industrial spur here. (Hand-laid since I'm too cheap to buy Code 70 ME flex..)

With the camera hovering over the north end of Acca, we get a nice establishing shot

This second shot is from further back in the aisle; two other industrial spurs can be seen, one is right in the foreground, while the other is hiding way back.

I need more lights down here...

Now we are looking the other direction.

Next two are the ties that I've put down to accommodate an industrial spot next to the aisle. My plan is to put code 70 here to really show the difference between the industrial trackage and the main line.

I'm going to sand these ties a smige and then hit them with some more stain, if need be, to make sure the track flows well.
Ties are the Mt Albert/Kappler standard HO ties. I found the ME ties a bit too short to mate with Atlas and FT offerings.

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