Wednesday, January 2, 2013


 Worked on putting more track down after Christmas; finished up the first industrial spur and power drops are slowly being done as well.

This is a pretty picture heavy post, so click for the full size and enjoy.

First pic shows a good overview of this area, with the handlaid spur in the foreground.
Next five shots are from the industrial spur; this is handlaid Code 70 ME rail on individual ties. (I'm too cheap to spend ~$7 for a piece of ME flex; but I might bite the bullet and do it anyway, since handlaying is fairly slow)

Probably need some wheel stops..
Hope this shows the contrast between the Code 83 on the main lines and Code 70 on the spur.

Really shows the massiveness of an freight car being supported by lacy trackwork.

These next few shots show the CB&W interchange area. Another cork ramp to rasp and sand down..

There will be another turnout (a #6) once the rack reaches the homasote level to give two tracks for the Interchange. I have two Accurail kits for the CB&W to put together and have ready to go when the interchange goes live.

Now the concrete ties main line starts again and the crossover is placed. When I get to the point of ballasting, I'll paint the tops of the track nails gray to match the concrete ties. Course, that is probably years away.

#8 crossover from my Fast Tracks jig.

Moving down the line.

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