Friday, September 13, 2013

DCC Refresh

During the last session, or possibly the previous one, there was an instance where there was a short on DCC that took a while to resolve. During running trains some time ago, track power wouldn't come up for a couple of minutes. I spent some time messing with the electrical setup and discovered that I had 1 psx breaker feeding 3 BDL168s plus non-block detected areas including the yard. I purchased a couple more breakers with the goal to get things setup a bit more, um, rationally. I put the yard on a dedicated breaker and the used an additional breaker on the bdl that feeds the railroad between lower level staging and ACCA yard. One more PSX was installed and used to power the other 2 BDLs. The final breaker will be used to power the upper staging yard.
Also took the opportunity to clean up a couple of power supply issues and made a couple of supply wires with color matched shrink tubing.

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