Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Work session summary

A work session was held this past Saturday, the 14th of September. Dick M was gracious enough to spend a few hours with your host to expend some work cycles on moving the main line closer to completion. Track was laid down on the approach to the staging yard after cork ramps had been sanded down to get the track to the level of the homasote. I spent my time installing a few additional signals controlled by a SignalMan from rr-cirkits. These signals are from blma, which uses magnet wire to connect to the LEDs. It is always challenging to connect these signals, as the magnet wire isn't labeled, so you get to play 20 questions with 'did I get the right wire? No, that is red, I needed green.' Of course you are doing this while contorted under the bench work. Some additional work to the jmri panel has been done to identify the detection blocks and move the CTC system closer to completion.

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