Saturday, September 6, 2014

Sky Blue Backdrops

Now that I have backdrops up, time for some actual color.

I wanted to accurately show the color of the sky - the horizon is very light blue, almost a gray, and as you look higher and higher, the color shifts to a deeper and deeper blue.

I got three samples of different blues and put them onto my white primed backdrops to give me an idea of my final result.

All colors are flat; in other words they don't reflect much light, unlike a satin or gloss finish.

Straight on
Not as close or as good of a snap, but gives a little bit better idea.
I wrote the color next to each sample so I would know what is what.
I think I will put the Utah Sky choice at the horizon line and then blend into the ocean tropic. I believe warm spring is just too blue in person, but I might just use it for the top inch or so, as it seems to work better in pictures.


  1. I used a color from behr. I picked it without looking at the names, just the color, so I wouldn't be swayed by the name. Ironically, I ended up with a color called "Horizon Haze" Behr#540B-4. I really like the end result.

  2. It has been so long since I picked those colors, I don't remember if I did it by name, or by comparing the color swatches to the outside sky at day.