Saturday, April 6, 2019

Rebuilding or The best laid plans of mice and men

I read, many years ago, that writing a novel wasn't that hard, but all the editing and rewriting you did before you were satisfied to call something a first draft was the hard part.

I suggest they should try building a model railroad.

Regular RTRR associates will remember that the plan is for a bridge to carry trackage over the main room entrance. This links the 2nd pathway with the staging area.

The original plan was 3 tracks. It was modified to 2 during previous stages.

Recent measuring, testing and reflection showed that 3 tracks were needed. The hole in the wall had been cut for only two and the landing area on the opposite side of the doorway had been sized to land a 4" wide piece of lumber that would just carry 2 tracks.

I borrowed a Sawzall and went to work.

Had to remove and rebuild the landing area as well.

Shows were the paint ran down the wall..
New landing area; now 16" wide and you can see its opposite number in the back on this view.

Reclaimed the homasote to use here.

Just need to paint now.
A couple additional pictures can be found at the main site here.

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