Thursday, February 15, 2024

Adding an Interchange

 A suggestion from one of the usual suspects around Christmas time was to add an interchange track in Acca to add another "universal industry" to the railroad.

Long time readers and operators will remember that version 1 of the Richmond Terminal had a Norfolk Southern interchange south of Acca off the mainline.

Since the tail of the drill track wasn't being used much at all, I figured would could use that as a base and proceed from that point.

I dropped in a curved turnout recovered from the previous layout to give an additional industry track, or be used as a deconflict between the drill and new interchange track.

A couple pieces of flex carried me around the corner.

When I decide to complete the Acca Wye, this track will need to be removed, but with the fact that I do not have a timeframe on that currently, this makes a bunch of sense to add, operationally.

And done. I made a custom bumper out of some foam sheet I had laying around.

I didn't realize that I didn't complete the DCC wiring until this last op session, but I have already fixed that.

A few more pictures can be found in the gallery on

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